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Harness Requirements For New Show Venues

Posted by Mary Grant on November 17, 2010 at 8:55 AM

Harness Classes 


Judging requirements and scoring at local Agricultural Shows having harness classes new to their venue is as follows: 


Best presented is marked on overall presentation of vehicle, driver, harness and horse/pony.

       · Must wear apron

       · Must have driving whip

       · If lantern holders present, must have lanterns attached and matches inside.

       · Cleanliness of horse/pony and presentation, plaiting optional.

       · Cleanliness and safety of vehicle, wheel bearings etc.

       · Harness fitted accurately and correctly in draft

       · Drivers presentation satisfactory, helmets compulsory for under aged drivers (17yrs

         >, head attire must be worn by all other drivers.

Overall marks 50% horse/pony

30% carriage

10% driving ability and use of aids

10% harness and correct fitting


Horse and pony classes, heavy horses may compete in open horse over 14hh only.

       · This is marked solely on the horse/pony performance, balance, movement and

        obedience to aids of driver.· You do not loose marks for pneumatic tyres, training

        vehicles etc. 


 Driver classes are marked solely on the driver and effectiveness of their aids; ie whip, voice, reins, contact, vehicles balance (two wheelers only)

       · Must have a whip, apron, hat, appropriate shoe wear and gloves.

       · Young driver <17yrs must have a groom and an accompanied adult driver prior to

        entering show ring. This is FEI and EA and ACDS requirements.

For detailed Show Judge Requirments refer to ACDS 



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